Quinti was founded in 1840 as an artisan laboratory in the field of mechanics. The experience, obtained during the years and in the different sectors of the industrial mechanics, has transformed that small artisan laboratory 
into a modern industrialized firm which is able to design and realize new products. Opened to offer a complete service, specialized from over 40 years into the packaging sector.
Quinti designs, produces and commercializes, machine for enology sector, oliveoils, oils, vinegard and beer; offers several models of semi-automatic corkers and automatic bottling machines easy to use. The wide range of accessories allows you to compose machines according to customer requirements that may go beyond the simple operation of filling and capping such as capsulating, labeling and more.
Quinti technical office is composed of a competent young team that is able both to help the customer to define a project and to follow the development of machines in a complete way. Modern technologies of design CAD/CAM and the verified professionalism of the projectists permits the drawing up of the specific techniques for every singular component. Every project Is directed in a careful way by taking care of realizing productive simplifications to optimize the costs, by verifying qualitative standards continuously and by planning the following fases of production and technical control in a careful way.