Miércoles, 10 Septiembre, 2014 - 12:30
Quinti srl  is strongly committed, together with other partners in Tuscany, in the design of research & development called ULTRASONIC.
The basic idea of the project is to be applied in the packaging of welding technology already widely used in other types of industry (eg automotive). 
The application of ultrasonic welding to the packaging will allow for packaging with quality welds considerably higher than those obtained with traditional technologies and will allow to reduce the amount of material necessary to achieve the packing and reduce the energy consumption of the packaging machines. The ultrasonic welding takes place by applying to the parts of material to be welded a mechanical vibration at ultrasonic frequency that, for molecular friction generates heat and consequently the thermoplastic materials are melted ensuring welding with undoubted advantages :
- top quality packing
- strong reduction of waste 
- increased productivity
- cost savings of packaging 
- system fast and respectful to the environment 
- energy savings compared to traditional systems of thermo-welding
Compared to what is already on the market, the great innovative impulse of our research, which we believe will provide companies involved in the project to strengthen its position market leader in the years to come, the fact is that, to date, has not been found yet a satisfactory application of this technology in the specific field of flexible packaging, such that we can use it to replace proven technologies.
The undoubted benefits that we have already presented , represent the company that would be able to put in place a competitive advantage hard to fill in the medium term, ensuring the project partners a technological breakthrough  that not only would ensure the maintenance of current levels of turnover and growth, but, as they would result in a significant growth.